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Support Our Troops® License Plates


Missouri Jaycees,

            Let’s Work Together to get the Support Our Troops® license plate issued in Missouri!  Please submit applications and check (made payable to Support Our Troops) to the Missouri Jaycees State Service Center, 222 E. Dunklin, Ste. 100, Jefferson City, MO, 65101 no later than Monday, November 10th.  We will then send all applications together to the Support Our Troops® organization.  If one wishes to pay the $40 fee online, please enclose a PayPal receipt with their application.  Here is more information on the program:

Last month the Chairman of Support Our Troops®, Martin Boire, contacted me to ask the Missouri Jaycees for help in getting the Support Our Troops® license plate issued in Missouri.  In order to start production, they need 200 pre-orders.  The U.S. Jaycees are national partners with Support Our Troops®, so it makes sense they would ask for our help.  The funds raised by the Missouri license plate will go toward supporting Missouri troops.  I know our members and communities have shown tremendous support for our troops and I am confident we can meet the 200 application challenge by November 10th.  Please note there are unlimited POC points offered for applications received by the State Service Center by October 31st. 

Letter from Martin Boire, Support Our Troops®:   Our state-authorized Support Our Troops! Vehicle license plates have been approved in some 26 states to date.  The Support Our Troops! license plate was approved by the Missouri Legislature.    When we have turned in 200 paid applications to the DOR, they will manufacture the plates, issue them to these first 200 people, and commence normal statewide sales.   And then the plate will start doing some real good.  It raises money to benefit the deployed troops and their families.  So we need 200 patriots.

Kevin Alson of the National Jaycees has connected you and I up under the Cooperating Partnership agreement between our two groups. On behalf of the troops, we would be very grateful if you can help us complete this quickly for all our deployed neighbors by collecting the first 200 plate applications.  The application and information is at http://www.supportourtroops.org/missouri/index.html.    The 2-part carbon form 1716 is free and available in bundles of 100 at all tag offices.  Jaycees members could carry the applications with them to work, school, church, neighbors, gatherings, stock them in their workplaces and the like.  Basically the Jaycees can run with this and get it done in any proper manner you think up.

             We have also posted form 1716 as a PDF on the Missouri page of the SupportOurTroops.Org website.   We will make a copy to submit with the original for these ones.   People can also pay on the webpage if they want.  All funds are escrowed in a special account because the state wants one certified check from SOT with the 200 applications.

             All of the Support Our Troops! license plates around America bear the website address www.SupportOurTroops.org, as will the plates in Missouri, and eventually our advertisements for the plates in Missouri.    If the Missouri Jaycees make this happen in short order for the troops and their families, we will give you large credit on the “Who Missouri page of www.SupportOurTroops.org, and place a graphic banner to your state Jaycee website there.  When we turn in the 200 applications, we have the ability to do several statewide press releases to media announcing that the Missouri Jaycees accomplished this for the deployed troops and their families.

Support Our Troops® (SOT) Policy 05-3 revised 8-20-06, provides:  "States.  Funds generated from license plate sales within a state will follow its troops and be spent to benefit its troops and families.  SOT accounts for all license plate revenue generated on a state by states basis.  If a parent or spouse of a wounded soldier needs to be by his or her bedside at a military hospital out of state, or other similar circumstance, funds will be spent out of state for that purpose.  Most of a state’s servicemen and servicewomen and their families are located out of state and will need help where they are located."    Plus, the plate funds go to Missouri Support Our Troops, Inc.  ~ Martin Boire, Support Our Troops®


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