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State Service Center

222 E. Dunklin Street, Ste. 100
Jefferson City, MO  65101-3127
Phone:  (573) 634-2321

Shanna Heard, 98th President



Joe Jerkins, Executive Director


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Our Vision:  To be the leading global network of active young citizens.


Our Mission:  To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

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Missouri Jaycees Mailing List 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a "mailing list"? - It's a way to send messages to a large group of people, without needing to know everyone's individual email addresses. The mailing list administrator (in our case, YahooGroups) keeps track of who is "subscribed" to the list. When a new message comes in, it is sent to everyone subscribed automatically.

Q. Why should I join the mailing list? - To keep informed about Jaycee events and to easily inform other Jaycees about important events. We try to keep the amount of traffic low and "on-topic" (related to Jaycees) because we know many people are subscribed with a work email address, and do not want a lot of miscellaneous messages.

Q. How do I subscribe? - Check the website for the group you are interested in. Often they have a link that you can click to subscribe. Or send a message to a list moderator or the webmaster of the group's website. (See the end of this article for contacts.)

Q. How do I send a message to the group? - Just send it to the mailing list address (mojaycees@YahooGroups.com).

Q. What if my email address changes? - You can inform a list moderator, who can unsubscribe your old address and send you an invitation to subscribe to your new address. Or if you are registered at the YahooGroups website (see below), you can edit your Profile and change your email address yourself.

Q. I have multiple email addresses (work, home, etc.). Can I use all of them? - The short answer is yes. The longer answer is how do you want to use them? If you want to be able to send messages from every address, but only receive them at a primary address, you can list multiple addresses in your YahooGroups Profile on the website (see below). If you want to receive messages at multiple addresses, you'll need to subscribe each address separately.

Q. I'm going to be away and can't check my email. Will my mailbox fill up? - If this is a concern, you can go to the YahooGroups website (see below) or ask a list moderator to change your status to "no mail". This will keep you as a member of the group, but you will not receive any messages. Don't forget to change your status back when you return!

Q. How many lists can I be on? - As many as you want. You should keep in mind that you may get some messages multiple times - statewide messages are often forwarded to region or chapter lists as well, and vice-versa. You have the option of joining multiple lists and then changing some of them to "no mail" also.

Q. How do I know who is on the mailing list? - You can see the list of members at the YahooGroups website (see below), or you can ask the moderators for the list of members.

Q. How do I know who the list moderators are? - If you're not sure, you can send an email to the "list owner" address (mojaycees-owner@YahooGroups.com), usually given at the bottom of each email.

Q. Why can't I send an attachment? - The list was set up not to allow attachments because some people have a slower internet connection, and just one email with a large attachment can take up to an hour to download. There is a feature of the YahooGroups website (see below) that allows people to "upload" something to the Files section, then everyone else in the group can go there and get the file.

Q. What's this YahooGroups website thing? - The YahooGroups website ( http://groups.yahoo.com/ ) is a source of many useful tools. The website for each mailing list has a Member list, an archive of Messages, a Files section for sharing documents or other files, a Polling section where you can vote on list issues, an event Calendar, a Chat room and much more. In order to use the YahooGroups website, you need to register only once, even if you belong to several lists. However, the website is totally optional - you can subscribe to a list and never visit the website.

Q. How do I start a mailing list for my chapter? - You'll need to go to the YahooGroups website and register (if you haven't already). Then just click on 'Start A Group' and YahooGroups will walk you through the process. If you have any questions about the settings, feel free to contact a list moderator from one of the other lists.

Q. I just got this chain letter/virus warning/great joke. Can I send it to the list? - Please don't. We try to keep the list traffic low and "on-topic" (see above). If you like to share jokes, please do so off the list. Most virus warnings that circulate via email are hoaxes. Before you forward a virus warning, check it out at Symantec ( http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ ) or McAfee ( http://vil.mcafee.com/ ). Or you can check out the Computer Myths site ( http://www.Vmyths.com/ ). In general, you should be suspicious of any email that asks you to "forward to everyone you know". This goes for chain letters also. Before you forward the note about the boy who wants business cards, the class that wants email, or missing children, please check the Urban Legends Reference Pages ( http://www.snopes.com/ ). Often these emails started out with valid information, but develop a life of their own and persist long after the child has been returned or the request has been completed.

Q. I don't want to be on the list anymore. How do I unsubscribe? - All you need to do is send an email to the "unsubscribe" address for the list (groupname-unsubscribe@YahooGroups.com, where groupname is the name of the list). This is usually given at the end of each email. Or you can send email to one of the list moderators, who can remove you.

Q. I have a question that isn't on this list? - Feel free to send it to a list moderator and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

For more information about YahooGroups: http://help.yahoo.com/help/groups

To Subscribe to a Missouri Jaycee Mailing List, send email to:

* Missouri Jaycees - mojaycees-subscribe@YahooGroups.com or mojaycees-owner@YahooGroups.com

* Region 5 - r5mojaycees-subscribe@YahooGroups.com or r5mojaycees-owner@YahooGroups.com

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